Your Homes Equity Might Be the Key to a More Secure Retirement!

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Maximize your retirement with a HECM mortgage!

You've saved, but life got in the way, and maybe you didn't save enough.  

Now what?  

A HECM Mortgage might be the answer.

Let me show you how to realize your retirement dreams

Make your savings last a lifetime

You've worked, showed up every day, put up with the boss, saved, invested and planned ahead for the day you can retire and then the recession hit and you've come to the conclusion that maybe I don't have quite enough put away.  

Let me show you how a HECM mortgage can enhance your investments in your 401K or IRA so those funds can be there when you need them. 

Find the perfect home to retire too.

The kids are gone, I don't need a 5 bedroom, two story home anymore, but it's paid for and I don't want a house payment.  Is there an option?

A HECM mortgage can provide the funds to buy a "Right Sized" home, closer to family, or in a warmer climate, or on the golf course.

Let me show you how you can own and not have to make a mortgage payment ever.

My folks need my help, and so do my grandkids.

Many of us are in what is called the "Sandwich Generation".  Our parents are still with us and many need our help financially and we have our adult children and our grandkids that need help too.  I don't want to tap my 401K or IRA, but I need some extra cash on top of my income to make ends meet.

A HECM mortgage can be set up to provide a TAX FREE consistent flow of cash for a few months, years or the rest of your life to meet those needs.

Let me show you how flexible the modern HECM mortgage is when it comes to meeting both short and long term cash flow needs.

My company is downsizing and I may be retired earlier than I hoped.

A growing trend recently is for employers to push early retirement as part of a budget cut or merger, etc.  In spite of the attractive retirement packages, many find they are not ready to call it quits and want to keep working.  And if you've been in that position, you know finding a comparable position when you are a few years from retirement can be quite a daunting task.

Let me show you how the flexible distribution options within the HECM mortgage can bridge the gap and make that transition less financially stressful.

Are you worried about living alone?

A Pew Research Center study in 2014 found that just over 25 percent of retirees live alone.  The study pointed out the challenges met by these seniors in making the basic expenses of a mortgage, property taxes, hazard insurance, maintenance, etc. on a single retirees modest social security and savings accounts.

Let me show you how the HECM mortgage can eliminate the need for a monthly mortgage payment and can be set up to take care of property taxes, hazard insurance and provide the funds needed to maintain the home.

Do you want to "Age in Place" but are worried about future healthcare costs?

A growing trend is for us to continue to live in the home we were living in when we retire and "Age in Place".  

There are many reasons, we've been paying on it for years and have it fixed up just the way we like it, we have a great community, our friends and family live close, and I'm not moving and giving up my independence.

At the same time more of us have indicated that when the time comes we would prefer to receive extended care in our home, only 1 in 10 would prefer to live in an assisted living facility and only 4 in 100 would prefer to live with a family member.

Let me show you how the HECM mortgage can allow you to continue to live in your home and take care of future healthcare issues without draining your current retirement or savings accounts.

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Extra Cash Flow for any reason!

  • Replace reduced income in retirement
  • Eliminate debt to free up cash
  • Pay medical, dental, vision, drug costs
  • Make home improvements
  • Cover long term care expense
  • Purchase a Vacation or Second Home

Enjoy a Comfortable Retirement!

  • Eliminate house payments altogether
  • Get Cash every month for LIFE or take a lump sum or let your Line of Credit grow
  • Retain your home and protect the equity from market corrections
  • Live in the home you've worked for worry free

Why work with me?

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"Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, the Essentials"

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The Legal stuff

You should always consult with your tax adviser, financial planning professional, or real estate professional.  You must continue to live in the home as your primary residence.  The payment of property taxes, homeowner's insurance, HOA dues (if applicable) and general maintenance of the property is required.  If you don't adhere to the terms and conditions of the loan contract, it could result in the loan being called due and payable, which could ultimately lead to foreclosure.  A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is a home loan, secured by real estate, and is not a government benefit.  

 By providing the requested information and clicking "Please Rush My Free Report" and "Rush My Free Copy", you are providing my express consent to receive contact from David A Weaver at the number you provided regarding products or services via Live Telephone Call, Text Message, or Email.  You understand that you are not required to enter into this agreement as a condition of the loan and that you can revoke this consent at any time.

These materials are not from HUD or FHA and were not approved by HUD or a government agency.  Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loans are neither endorsed nor approved by the federal government. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) issues the guidelines and provides certain insurance benefits for lenders and borrowers in connection with the lender’s  Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loans.  HUD and the FHA are not lenders and do not make or originate loans.